The Windows package is an i386 executable program that contains the complete GNU Development Chain distribution for 68HC11 and 68HC12. It was created by Inno Setup. You just need to execute that program. It will open a graphical window and will ask you where to install the compiler. Release 2.2 requires arround 60Mb.

After the installation, you must setup your path to access the compiler executables (the tool chain).

If you need help setting your path, try the following. On Windows NT, select Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Environment and edit your path. For Windows 95/98, edit your autoexec.bat file. If you already have a line that starts with PATH or SET PATH, add the bin directory to your list or you can add the following after the line that sets your path in autoexec.bat:

  SET PATH=C:\install-dir\m6811\bin;%PATH%


  • There is a bug in the gcc front-end that forbids the use of a drive specification in the installation path. If you pass such drive specification to winstall.exe it will complain.
  • You can move the directory where you installed the cross development tools. In that case, you must re-configure by launching winstall.exe.