You will find below the examples as well as a collection of libraries. They are packaged by the GEL project.

Component Host Package
GEL 1.5 Unix gel-hc1x-1.5.tar.gz
GEL 1.5 Windows
GEL 1.4.2 Unix gel-hc1x-1.4.2.tar.gz
GEL 1.4.2 Windows
GEL 1.4.1 Unix gel-hc1x-1.4.1.tar.gz
GEL 1.4.1 Windows
GEL 1.4 Unix gel-hc1x-1.4.tar.gz
GEL 1.3 Unix gel-hc1x-1.3.tar.gz
Examples 1.2 (pre GEL 1.2) Unix m68hc11-examples-1.2.tar.gz
Examples 1.2.1 (pre GEL 1.2) Windows