Developer Resources

If you're the kind of person who loves to get elbow deep in code, there are lots of opportunities to dig into Mailman. The next version of Mailman is under active development and we would welcome your input and contributions.

The primary gathering point for all development should be the Mailman Wiki and specifically the Development home space on the wiki. Because wikis are intended to be collaborative, you're free to contribute to this page in true wiki fashion.

You may want to find a project on our Mailman TODO list. You will also definitely want to subscribe to the mailman-developers mailing list.

Launchpad Project Page

Developers should start with the Mailman project at Launchpad. All patches, bugs, and branches should be submitted here so they won't get lost, although it is also requested that you inform the mailman-developers list about your submissions. Please do not send patches to the mailing list!

You might also want to look at the old Mailman project page at SourceForge. We appreciate the years of good service from the SourceForge guys, but we've moved all Mailman development to Launchpad. Be aware that while the SF trackers are still live so as to support historical incoming links, any changes you make to them will not be noticed by the Mailman developers.


Some of the Mailman developers also occasionally hang out on the #mailman IRC channel at Stop by!