2 The List Configuration Pages

After logging into the list configuration pages, you'll see the configuration options for the list, grouped in categories. All the administrative pages have some common elements. In the upper section, you'll see two columns labeled ``Configuration Categories''. Some categories have sub-categories which are only visible when you click on the category link. The first page you see after logging in will be the ``General Options'' category. The specific option settings for each category are described below.

On the right side of the top section, you'll see a column labeled ``Other Administrative Activities''. Here you'll find some other things you can do to your list, as well as convenient links to the list information page and the list archives. Note the big ``Logout'' link; use this if you're finished configuring your list and don't want to leave the session cookie active in your browser.

Below this common header, you'll find a list of this category's configuration variables, arranged in two columns. In the left column is a brief description of the option, which also contains a ``details'' link. For many of the variables, more details are available describing the semantics of the various available settings, or information on the interaction between this setting and other list options. Clicking on the details link brings up a page which contains only the information for that option, as well as a button for submitting your setting, and a link back to the category page.

On the right side of the two-column section, you'll see the variable's current value. Some variables may present a limited set of values, via radio button or check box arrays. Other variables may present text entry boxes of one or multiple lines. Most variables control settings for the operation of the list, but others perform immediate actions (these are clearly labeled).

At the bottom of the page, you'll find a ``Submit'' button and a footer with some more useful links and a few logos. Hitting the submit button commits your list settings, after they've been validated. Any invalid values will be ignored and an error message will be displayed at the top of the resulting page. The results page will always be the category page that you submitted.