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Index of Concepts

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Index Entry  Section

!=: Setting
!=, expansion: Reading Makefiles

# (comments), in makefile: Makefile Contents
# (comments), in recipes: Recipe Syntax
#include: Automatic Prerequisites

$, in function call: Syntax of Functions
$, in rules: Rule Syntax
$, in variable name: Computed Names
$, in variable reference: Reference

%, in pattern rules: Pattern Intro
%, quoting in patsubst: Text Functions
%, quoting in static pattern: Static Usage
%, quoting in vpath: Selective Search
%, quoting with \ (backslash): Selective Search
%, quoting with \ (backslash): Static Usage
%, quoting with \ (backslash): Text Functions

* (wildcard character): Wildcards

+, and define: Canned Recipes
+, and recipe execution: Instead of Execution
+, and recipes: MAKE Variable
+=: Appending
+=, expansion: Reading Makefiles
+=, expansion: Reading Makefiles

,v (RCS file extension): Catalogue of Rules

- (in recipes): Errors
-, and define: Canned Recipes
--always-make: Options Summary
--assume-new: Instead of Execution
--assume-new: Options Summary
--assume-new, and recursion: Options/Recursion
--assume-old: Avoiding Compilation
--assume-old: Options Summary
--assume-old, and recursion: Options/Recursion
--check-symlink-times: Options Summary
--debug: Options Summary
--directory: Recursion
--directory: Options Summary
--directory, and --print-directory: -w Option
--directory, and recursion: Options/Recursion
--dry-run: Echoing
--dry-run: Instead of Execution
--dry-run: Options Summary
--environment-overrides: Options Summary
--eval: Options Summary
--file: Makefile Names
--file: Makefile Arguments
--file: Options Summary
--file, and recursion: Options/Recursion
--help: Options Summary
--ignore-errors: Errors
--ignore-errors: Options Summary
--include-dir: Include
--include-dir: Options Summary
--jobs: Parallel
--jobs: Options Summary
--jobs, and recursion: Options/Recursion
--jobserver-auth: Job Slots
--jobserver-style: Options Summary
--jobserver-style: POSIX Jobserver
--jobserver-style for Windows: Windows Jobserver
--just-print: Echoing
--just-print: Instead of Execution
--just-print: Options Summary
--keep-going: Errors
--keep-going: Testing
--keep-going: Options Summary
--load-average: Parallel
--load-average: Options Summary
--makefile: Makefile Names
--makefile: Makefile Arguments
--makefile: Options Summary
--max-load: Parallel
--max-load: Options Summary
--new-file: Instead of Execution
--new-file: Options Summary
--new-file, and recursion: Options/Recursion
--no-builtin-rules: Options Summary
--no-builtin-variables: Options Summary
--no-keep-going: Options Summary
--no-print-directory: -w Option
--no-print-directory: Options Summary
--old-file: Avoiding Compilation
--old-file: Options Summary
--old-file, and recursion: Options/Recursion
--output-sync: Parallel Output
--output-sync: Options Summary
--print-data-base: Options Summary
--print-directory: Options Summary
--print-directory, and --directory: -w Option
--print-directory, and recursion: -w Option
--print-directory, disabling: -w Option
--question: Instead of Execution
--question: Options Summary
--quiet: Echoing
--quiet: Options Summary
--recon: Echoing
--recon: Instead of Execution
--recon: Options Summary
--shuffle: Options Summary
--silent: Echoing
--silent: Options Summary
--stop: Options Summary
--touch: Instead of Execution
--touch: Options Summary
--touch, and recursion: MAKE Variable
--trace: Options Summary
--version: Options Summary
--warn-undefined-variables: Options Summary
--what-if: Instead of Execution
--what-if: Options Summary
-b: Options Summary
-B: Options Summary
-C: Recursion
-C: Options Summary
-C, and -w: -w Option
-C, and recursion: Options/Recursion
-d: Options Summary
-e: Options Summary
-E: Options Summary
-e (shell flag): Automatic Prerequisites
-f: Makefile Names
-f: Makefile Arguments
-f: Options Summary
-f, and recursion: Options/Recursion
-h: Options Summary
-I: Include
-i: Errors
-i: Options Summary
-I: Options Summary
-j: Parallel
-j: Options Summary
-j, and archive update: Archive Pitfalls
-j, and recursion: Options/Recursion
-k: Errors
-k: Testing
-k: Options Summary
-l: Options Summary
-L: Options Summary
-l (library search): Libraries/Search
-l (load average): Parallel
-m: Options Summary
-M (to compiler): Automatic Prerequisites
-MM (to GNU compiler): Automatic Prerequisites
-n: Echoing
-n: Instead of Execution
-n: Options Summary
-O: Parallel Output
-o: Avoiding Compilation
-o: Options Summary
-O: Options Summary
-o, and recursion: Options/Recursion
-p: Options Summary
-q: Instead of Execution
-q: Options Summary
-r: Options Summary
-R: Options Summary
-s: Echoing
-s: Options Summary
-S: Options Summary
-t: Instead of Execution
-t: Options Summary
-t, and recursion: MAKE Variable
-v: Options Summary
-W: Instead of Execution
-w: Options Summary
-W: Options Summary
-w, and -C: -w Option
-W, and recursion: Options/Recursion
-w, and recursion: -w Option
-w, disabling: -w Option

.a (archives): Archive Suffix Rules
.c: Catalogue of Rules
.C: Catalogue of Rules
.cc: Catalogue of Rules
.ch: Catalogue of Rules
.cpp: Catalogue of Rules
.d: Automatic Prerequisites
.def: Catalogue of Rules
.dvi: Catalogue of Rules
.f: Catalogue of Rules
.F: Catalogue of Rules
.info: Catalogue of Rules
.l: Catalogue of Rules
.LIBPATTERNS, and link libraries: Libraries/Search
.ln: Catalogue of Rules
.mod: Catalogue of Rules
.NOTPARALLEL special target: Parallel Disable
.o: Catalogue of Rules
.o: Catalogue of Rules
.ONESHELL, use of: One Shell
.p: Catalogue of Rules
.r: Catalogue of Rules
.s: Catalogue of Rules
.S: Catalogue of Rules
.sh: Catalogue of Rules
.SHELLFLAGS, value of: Choosing the Shell
.sym: Catalogue of Rules
.tex: Catalogue of Rules
.texi: Catalogue of Rules
.texinfo: Catalogue of Rules
.txinfo: Catalogue of Rules
.w: Catalogue of Rules
.WAIT special target: Parallel Disable
.web: Catalogue of Rules
.y: Catalogue of Rules

:: rules (double-colon): Double-Colon
:::=: Immediate Assignment
:::=: Setting
::=: Simple Assignment
::=: Setting
:=: Simple Assignment
:=: Setting

=: Recursive Assignment
=: Setting
=, expansion: Reading Makefiles

? (wildcard character): Wildcards
?=: Conditional Assignment
?=: Setting
?=, expansion: Reading Makefiles

@ (in recipes): Echoing
@, and define: Canned Recipes

[…] (wildcard characters): Wildcards

\ (backslash), for continuation lines: Simple Makefile
\ (backslash), in recipes: Splitting Recipe Lines
\ (backslash), to quote %: Selective Search
\ (backslash), to quote %: Static Usage
\ (backslash), to quote %: Text Functions

__.SYMDEF: Archive Symbols

~ (tilde): Wildcards

abspath: File Name Functions
algorithm for directory search: Search Algorithm
all (standard target): Goals
appending to variables: Appending
ar: Implicit Variables
archive: Archives
archive member targets: Archive Members
archive symbol directory updating: Archive Symbols
archive, and -j: Archive Pitfalls
archive, and parallel execution: Archive Pitfalls
archive, suffix rule for: Archive Suffix Rules
Arg list too long: Options/Recursion
arguments of functions: Syntax of Functions
as: Catalogue of Rules
as: Implicit Variables
assembly, rule to compile: Catalogue of Rules
automatic generation of prerequisites: Include
automatic generation of prerequisites: Automatic Prerequisites
automatic variables: Automatic Variables
automatic variables in prerequisites: Automatic Variables

backquotes: Shell Function
backslash (\), for continuation lines: Simple Makefile
backslash (\), in recipes: Splitting Recipe Lines
backslash (\), to quote %: Selective Search
backslash (\), to quote %: Static Usage
backslash (\), to quote %: Text Functions
backslash (\), to quote newlines: Splitting Lines
backslashes in pathnames and wildcard expansion: Wildcard Pitfall
basename: File Name Functions
binary packages: Install Command Categories
broken pipe: Parallel Input
bugs, reporting: Bugs
built-in special targets: Special Targets

C++, rule to compile: Catalogue of Rules
C, rule to compile: Catalogue of Rules
canned recipes: Canned Recipes
cc: Catalogue of Rules
cc: Implicit Variables
cd (shell command): Execution
cd (shell command): MAKE Variable
chains of rules: Chained Rules
check (standard target): Goals
clean (standard target): Goals
clean target: Simple Makefile
clean target: Cleanup
cleaning up: Cleanup
clobber (standard target): Goals
co: Catalogue of Rules
co: Implicit Variables
combining rules by prerequisite: Combine By Prerequisite
command expansion: Shell Function
command line variable definitions, and recursion: Options/Recursion
command line variables: Overriding
commands, sequences of: Canned Recipes
comments, in makefile: Makefile Contents
comments, in recipes: Recipe Syntax
compatibility: Features
compatibility in exporting: Variables/Recursion
compilation, testing: Testing
computed variable name: Computed Names
conditional expansion: Conditional Functions
conditional variable assignment: Conditional Assignment
conditionals: Conditionals
continuation lines: Simple Makefile
controlling make: Make Control Functions
conventions for makefiles: Makefile Conventions
convert guile types: Guile Types
ctangle: Catalogue of Rules
ctangle: Implicit Variables
cweave: Catalogue of Rules
cweave: Implicit Variables

data base of make rules: Options Summary
deducing recipes (implicit rules): make Deduces
default directories for included makefiles: Include
default goal: How Make Works
default goal: Rules
default makefile name: Makefile Names
default rules, last-resort: Last Resort
define, expansion: Reading Makefiles
defining variables verbatim: Multi-Line
deletion of target files: Errors
deletion of target files: Interrupts
directive: Makefile Contents
directories, creating installation: Directory Variables
directories, printing them: -w Option
directories, updating archive symbol: Archive Symbols
directory part: File Name Functions
directory search (VPATH): Directory Search
directory search (VPATH), and implicit rules: Implicit/Search
directory search (VPATH), and link libraries: Libraries/Search
directory search (VPATH), and recipes: Recipes/Search
directory search algorithm: Search Algorithm
directory search, traditional (GPATH): Search Algorithm
disabling parallel execution: Parallel Disable
dist (standard target): Goals
distclean (standard target): Goals
dollar sign ($), in function call: Syntax of Functions
dollar sign ($), in rules: Rule Syntax
dollar sign ($), in variable name: Computed Names
dollar sign ($), in variable reference: Reference
DOS, choosing a shell in: Choosing the Shell
double-colon rules: Double-Colon
duplicate words, removing: Text Functions

E2BIG: Options/Recursion
echoing of recipes: Echoing
editor: Introduction
Emacs (M-x compile): Errors
empty recipes: Empty Recipes
empty targets: Empty Targets
environment: Environment
environment, and recursion: Variables/Recursion
environment, SHELL in: Choosing the Shell
error, stopping on: Make Control Functions
errors (in recipes): Errors
errors with wildcards: Wildcard Pitfall
evaluating makefile syntax: Eval Function
example of loaded objects: Loaded Object Example
example using Guile: Guile Example
execution, in parallel: Parallel
execution, instead of: Instead of Execution
execution, of recipes: Execution
exit status (errors): Errors
exit status of make: Running
expansion, secondary: Secondary Expansion
explicit rule, definition of: Makefile Contents
explicit rule, expansion: Reading Makefiles
explicit rules, secondary expansion of: Secondary Expansion
exporting variables: Variables/Recursion
extensions, Guile: Guile Integration
extensions, load directive: load Directive
extensions, loading: Loading Objects

f77: Catalogue of Rules
f77: Implicit Variables
FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
features of GNU make: Features
features, missing: Missing
file name functions: File Name Functions
file name of makefile: Makefile Names
file name of makefile, how to specify: Makefile Names
file name prefix, adding: File Name Functions
file name suffix: File Name Functions
file name suffix, adding: File Name Functions
file name with wildcards: Wildcards
file name, abspath of: File Name Functions
file name, basename of: File Name Functions
file name, directory part: File Name Functions
file name, nondirectory part: File Name Functions
file name, realpath of: File Name Functions
file, reading from: File Function
file, writing to: File Function
files, assuming new: Instead of Execution
files, assuming old: Avoiding Compilation
files, avoiding recompilation of: Avoiding Compilation
files, intermediate: Chained Rules
filtering out words: Text Functions
filtering words: Text Functions
finding strings: Text Functions
flags: Options Summary
flags for compilers: Implicit Variables
flavor of variable: Flavor Function
flavors of variables: Flavors
FORCE: Force Targets
force targets: Force Targets
Fortran, rule to compile: Catalogue of Rules
function arguments, special characters in: Syntax of Functions
functions: Functions
functions, for controlling make: Make Control Functions
functions, for file names: File Name Functions
functions, for text: Text Functions
functions, syntax of: Syntax of Functions
functions, user defined: Call Function

g++: Catalogue of Rules
g++: Implicit Variables
gcc: Catalogue of Rules
generating prerequisites automatically: Include
generating prerequisites automatically: Automatic Prerequisites
get: Catalogue of Rules
get: Implicit Variables
globbing (wildcards): Wildcards
goal: How Make Works
goal, default: How Make Works
goal, default: Rules
goal, how to specify: Goals
grouped targets: Multiple Targets
Guile: Guile Function
Guile: Guile Integration
Guile example: Guile Example
guile, conversion of types: Guile Types

home directory: Wildcards

IEEE Standard 1003.2: Overview
ifdef, expansion: Reading Makefiles
ifeq, expansion: Reading Makefiles
ifndef, expansion: Reading Makefiles
ifneq, expansion: Reading Makefiles
immediate variable assignment: Immediate Assignment
implicit rule: Implicit Rules
implicit rule, and directory search: Implicit/Search
implicit rule, and VPATH: Implicit/Search
implicit rule, definition of: Makefile Contents
implicit rule, expansion: Reading Makefiles
implicit rule, how to use: Using Implicit
implicit rule, introduction to: make Deduces
implicit rule, predefined: Catalogue of Rules
implicit rule, search algorithm: Implicit Rule Search
implicit rules, secondary expansion of: Secondary Expansion
included makefiles, default directories: Include
including (MAKEFILES variable): MAKEFILES Variable
including (MAKEFILE_LIST variable): Special Variables
including other makefiles: Include
incompatibilities: Missing
independent targets: Multiple Targets
Info, rule to format: Catalogue of Rules
inheritance, suppressing: Suppressing Inheritance
input during parallel execution: Parallel Input
install (standard target): Goals
installation directories, creating: Directory Variables
installations, staged: DESTDIR
interface for loaded objects: Loaded Object API
intermediate files: Chained Rules
intermediate files, preserving: Chained Rules
intermediate targets, explicit: Special Targets
interrupt: Interrupts

job slots: Parallel
job slots, and recursion: Options/Recursion
job slots, sharing: Job Slots
jobs, limiting based on load: Parallel
jobserver: Job Slots
jobserver on POSIX: POSIX Jobserver
jobserver on Windows: Windows Jobserver
joining lists of words: File Name Functions

killing (interruption): Interrupts

last-resort default rules: Last Resort
ld: Catalogue of Rules
lex: Catalogue of Rules
lex: Implicit Variables
Lex, rule to run: Catalogue of Rules
libraries for linking, directory search: Libraries/Search
library archive, suffix rule for: Archive Suffix Rules
limiting jobs based on load: Parallel
link libraries, and directory search: Libraries/Search
link libraries, patterns matching: Libraries/Search
linking, predefined rule for: Catalogue of Rules
lint: Catalogue of Rules
lint: Implicit Variables
lint, rule to run: Catalogue of Rules
list of all prerequisites: Automatic Variables
list of changed prerequisites: Automatic Variables
load average: Parallel
load directive: load Directive
loaded object API: Loaded Object API
loaded object example: Loaded Object Example
loaded object licensing: Loaded Object API
loaded objects: Loading Objects
loaded objects, remaking of: Remaking Loaded Objects
long lines, splitting: Splitting Lines
loops in variable expansion: Recursive Assignment
lpr (shell command): Wildcard Examples
lpr (shell command): Empty Targets

m2c: Catalogue of Rules
m2c: Implicit Variables
macro: Using Variables
make depend: Automatic Prerequisites
make extensions: Extending make
make integration: Integrating make
make interface to guile: Guile Interface
make procedures in guile: Guile Interface
makefile: Introduction
makefile name: Makefile Names
makefile name, how to specify: Makefile Names
makefile rule parts: Rule Introduction
makefile syntax, evaluating: Eval Function
makefile, and MAKEFILES variable: MAKEFILES Variable
makefile, conventions for: Makefile Conventions
makefile, how make processes: How Make Works
makefile, how to write: Makefiles
makefile, including: Include
makefile, overriding: Overriding Makefiles
makefile, reading: Reading Makefiles
makefile, remaking of: Remaking Makefiles
makefile, simple: Simple Makefile
makefiles, and MAKEFILE_LIST variable: Special Variables
makefiles, and special variables: Special Variables
makefiles, parsing: Parsing Makefiles
makeinfo: Catalogue of Rules
makeinfo: Implicit Variables
MAKE_TMPDIR: Temporary Files
match-anything rule: Match-Anything Rules
match-anything rule, used to override: Overriding Makefiles
missing features: Missing
mistakes with wildcards: Wildcard Pitfall
modified variable reference: Substitution Refs
Modula-2, rule to compile: Catalogue of Rules
mostlyclean (standard target): Goals
multi-line variable definition: Multi-Line
multiple rules for one target: Multiple Rules
multiple rules for one target (::): Double-Colon
multiple targets: Multiple Targets
multiple targets, in pattern rule: Pattern Intro

name of makefile: Makefile Names
name of makefile, how to specify: Makefile Names
nested variable reference: Computed Names
newline, quoting, in makefile: Simple Makefile
newline, quoting, in recipes: Splitting Recipe Lines
nondirectory part: File Name Functions
normal prerequisites: Prerequisite Types
not intermediate targets, explicit: Special Targets

obj: Variables Simplify
OBJ: Variables Simplify
objects: Variables Simplify
OBJECTS: Variables Simplify
objects, loaded: Loading Objects
objs: Variables Simplify
OBJS: Variables Simplify
old-fashioned suffix rules: Suffix Rules
options: Options Summary
options, and recursion: Options/Recursion
options, setting from environment: Options/Recursion
options, setting in makefiles: Options/Recursion
order of pattern rules: Pattern Match
order-only prerequisites: Prerequisite Types
origin of variable: Origin Function
output during parallel execution: Parallel Output
output during parallel execution: Options Summary
overriding makefiles: Overriding Makefiles
overriding variables with arguments: Overriding
overriding with override: Override Directive

parallel execution: Parallel
parallel execution, and archive update: Archive Pitfalls
parallel execution, disabling: Parallel Disable
parallel execution, input during: Parallel Input
parallel execution, output during: Parallel Output
parallel execution, output during: Options Summary
parallel execution, overriding: Special Targets
parallel output to terminal: Terminal Output
parsing makefiles: Parsing Makefiles
parts of makefile rule: Rule Introduction
Pascal, rule to compile: Catalogue of Rules
pattern rule: Pattern Intro
pattern rule, expansion: Reading Makefiles
pattern rules, order of: Pattern Match
pattern rules, static (not implicit): Static Pattern
pattern rules, static, syntax of: Static Usage
pattern-specific variables: Pattern-specific
pc: Catalogue of Rules
pc: Implicit Variables
phony targets: Phony Targets
phony targets and recipe execution: Instead of Execution
pitfalls of wildcards: Wildcard Pitfall
plugin_is_GPL_compatible: Loaded Object API
portability: Features
POSIX: Overview
POSIX: Options/Recursion
POSIX-conforming mode, setting: Special Targets
post-installation commands: Install Command Categories
pre-installation commands: Install Command Categories
precious targets: Special Targets
predefined rules and variables, printing: Options Summary
prefix, adding: File Name Functions
prerequisite: Rules
prerequisite pattern, implicit: Pattern Intro
prerequisite pattern, static (not implicit): Static Usage
prerequisite types: Prerequisite Types
prerequisite, expansion: Reading Makefiles
prerequisites: Rule Syntax
prerequisites, and automatic variables: Automatic Variables
prerequisites, automatic generation: Include
prerequisites, automatic generation: Automatic Prerequisites
prerequisites, introduction to: Rule Introduction
prerequisites, list of all: Automatic Variables
prerequisites, list of changed: Automatic Variables
prerequisites, normal: Prerequisite Types
prerequisites, order-only: Prerequisite Types
prerequisites, varying (static pattern): Static Pattern
preserving intermediate files: Chained Rules
preserving with .PRECIOUS: Special Targets
preserving with .SECONDARY: Special Targets
print (standard target): Goals
print target: Wildcard Examples
print target: Empty Targets
printing directories: -w Option
printing messages: Make Control Functions
printing of recipes: Echoing
printing user warnings: Make Control Functions
problems and bugs, reporting: Bugs
problems with wildcards: Wildcard Pitfall
processing a makefile: How Make Works

question mode: Instead of Execution
quoting %, in patsubst: Text Functions
quoting %, in static pattern: Static Usage
quoting %, in vpath: Selective Search
quoting newline, in makefile: Simple Makefile
quoting newline, in recipes: Splitting Recipe Lines

Ratfor, rule to compile: Catalogue of Rules
RCS, rule to extract from: Catalogue of Rules
reading from a file: File Function
reading makefiles: Reading Makefiles
README: Makefile Names
realclean (standard target): Goals
realpath: File Name Functions
recipe: Simple Makefile
recipe execution, single invocation: Special Targets
recipe lines, single shell: One Shell
recipe syntax: Recipe Syntax
recipe, execution: Execution
recipes: Rule Syntax
recipes: Recipes
recipes setting shell variables: Execution
recipes, and directory search: Recipes/Search
recipes, backslash (\) in: Splitting Recipe Lines
recipes, canned: Canned Recipes
recipes, comments in: Recipe Syntax
recipes, echoing: Echoing
recipes, empty: Empty Recipes
recipes, errors in: Errors
recipes, execution in parallel: Parallel
recipes, how to write: Recipes
recipes, instead of executing: Instead of Execution
recipes, introduction to: Rule Introduction
recipes, quoting newlines in: Splitting Recipe Lines
recipes, splitting: Splitting Recipe Lines
recipes, using variables in: Variables in Recipes
recompilation: Introduction
recompilation, avoiding: Avoiding Compilation
recording events with empty targets: Empty Targets
recursion: Recursion
recursion, and -C: Options/Recursion
recursion, and -f: Options/Recursion
recursion, and -j: Options/Recursion
recursion, and -o: Options/Recursion
recursion, and -t: MAKE Variable
recursion, and -W: Options/Recursion
recursion, and -w: -w Option
recursion, and command line variable definitions: Options/Recursion
recursion, and environment: Variables/Recursion
recursion, and MAKE variable: MAKE Variable
recursion, and MAKEFILES variable: MAKEFILES Variable
recursion, and options: Options/Recursion
recursion, and printing directories: -w Option
recursion, and variables: Variables/Recursion
recursion, level of: Variables/Recursion
recursive variable expansion: Using Variables
recursive variable expansion: Flavors
recursively expanded variables: Flavors
reference to variables: Reference
reference to variables: Advanced
relinking: How Make Works
remaking loaded objects: Remaking Loaded Objects
remaking makefiles: Remaking Makefiles
removal of target files: Errors
removal of target files: Interrupts
removing duplicate words: Text Functions
removing targets on failure: Special Targets
removing whitespace from split lines: Splitting Lines
removing, to clean up: Cleanup
reporting bugs: Bugs
rm: Implicit Variables
rm (shell command): Simple Makefile
rm (shell command): Wildcard Examples
rm (shell command): Phony Targets
rm (shell command): Errors
rule prerequisites: Rule Syntax
rule syntax: Rule Syntax
rule targets: Rule Syntax
rule, double-colon (::): Double-Colon
rule, explicit, definition of: Makefile Contents
rule, how to write: Rules
rule, implicit: Implicit Rules
rule, implicit, and directory search: Implicit/Search
rule, implicit, and VPATH: Implicit/Search
rule, implicit, chains of: Chained Rules
rule, implicit, definition of: Makefile Contents
rule, implicit, how to use: Using Implicit
rule, implicit, introduction to: make Deduces
rule, implicit, predefined: Catalogue of Rules
rule, introduction to: Rule Introduction
rule, multiple for one target: Multiple Rules
rule, no recipe or prerequisites: Force Targets
rule, pattern: Pattern Intro
rule, static pattern: Static Pattern
rule, static pattern versus implicit: Static versus Implicit
rule, with multiple targets: Multiple Targets
rules, and $: Rule Syntax

s. (SCCS file prefix): Catalogue of Rules
SCCS, rule to extract from: Catalogue of Rules
search algorithm, implicit rule: Implicit Rule Search
search path for prerequisites (VPATH): Directory Search
search path for prerequisites (VPATH), and implicit rules: Implicit/Search
search path for prerequisites (VPATH), and link libraries: Libraries/Search
searching for strings: Text Functions
secondary expansion: Secondary Expansion
secondary expansion and explicit rules: Secondary Expansion
secondary expansion and implicit rules: Secondary Expansion
secondary expansion and static pattern rules: Secondary Expansion
secondary files: Chained Rules
secondary targets: Special Targets
sed (shell command): Automatic Prerequisites
selecting a word: Text Functions
selecting word lists: Text Functions
sequences of commands: Canned Recipes
setting options from environment: Options/Recursion
setting options in makefiles: Options/Recursion
setting variables: Setting
several rules for one target: Multiple Rules
several targets in a rule: Multiple Targets
shar (standard target): Goals
shell command, function for: Shell Function
shell file name pattern (in include): Include
shell variables, setting in recipes: Execution
shell wildcards (in include): Include
shell, choosing the: Choosing the Shell
SHELL, exported value: Variables/Recursion
SHELL, import from environment: Environment
shell, in DOS and Windows: Choosing the Shell
SHELL, MS-DOS specifics: Choosing the Shell
SHELL, value of: Choosing the Shell
signal: Interrupts
silent operation: Echoing
simple makefile: Simple Makefile
simple variable expansion: Using Variables
simplifying with variables: Variables Simplify
simply expanded variables: Simple Assignment
sorting words: Text Functions
spaces, in variable values: Simple Assignment
spaces, stripping: Text Functions
special characters in function arguments: Syntax of Functions
special targets: Special Targets
special variables: Special Variables
specifying makefile name: Makefile Names
splitting long lines: Splitting Lines
splitting recipes: Splitting Recipe Lines
staged installs: DESTDIR
standard input: Parallel Input
standards conformance: Overview
standards for makefiles: Makefile Conventions
static pattern rule: Static Pattern
static pattern rule, syntax of: Static Usage
static pattern rule, versus implicit: Static versus Implicit
static pattern rules, secondary expansion of: Secondary Expansion
stem: Static Usage
stem: Pattern Match
stem, shortest: Pattern Match
stem, variable for: Automatic Variables
stopping make: Make Control Functions
strings, searching for: Text Functions
stripping whitespace: Text Functions
sub-make: Variables/Recursion
subdirectories, recursion for: Recursion
substitution variable reference: Substitution Refs
suffix rule: Suffix Rules
suffix rule, for archive: Archive Suffix Rules
suffix, adding: File Name Functions
suffix, function to find: File Name Functions
suffix, substituting in variables: Substitution Refs
suppressing inheritance: Suppressing Inheritance
switches: Options Summary
symbol directories, updating archive: Archive Symbols
syntax of recipe: Recipe Syntax
syntax of rules: Rule Syntax

tab character (in commands): Rule Syntax
tabs in rules: Rule Introduction
TAGS (standard target): Goals
tangle: Catalogue of Rules
tangle: Implicit Variables
tar (standard target): Goals
target: Rules
target pattern, implicit: Pattern Intro
target pattern, static (not implicit): Static Usage
target, deleting on error: Errors
target, deleting on interrupt: Interrupts
target, expansion: Reading Makefiles
target, multiple in pattern rule: Pattern Intro
target, multiple rules for one: Multiple Rules
target, touching: Instead of Execution
target-specific variables: Target-specific
targets: Rule Syntax
targets without a file: Phony Targets
targets, built-in special: Special Targets
targets, empty: Empty Targets
targets, force: Force Targets
targets, grouped: Multiple Targets
targets, independent: Multiple Targets
targets, introduction to: Rule Introduction
targets, multiple: Multiple Targets
targets, phony: Phony Targets
TEMP: Temporary Files
temporary files: Temporary Files
terminal rule: Match-Anything Rules
terminal, output to: Terminal Output
test (standard target): Goals
testing compilation: Testing
tex: Catalogue of Rules
tex: Implicit Variables
TeX, rule to run: Catalogue of Rules
texi2dvi: Catalogue of Rules
texi2dvi: Implicit Variables
Texinfo, rule to format: Catalogue of Rules
tilde (~): Wildcards
TMP: Temporary Files
TMPDIR: Temporary Files
tools, sharing job slots: Job Slots
touch (shell command): Wildcard Examples
touch (shell command): Empty Targets
touching files: Instead of Execution
traditional directory search (GPATH): Search Algorithm
types of prerequisites: Prerequisite Types
types, conversion of: Guile Types

undefined variables, warning message: Options Summary
undefining variable: Undefine Directive
updating archive symbol directories: Archive Symbols
updating loaded objects: Remaking Loaded Objects
updating makefiles: Remaking Makefiles
user defined functions: Call Function

value: Using Variables
value, how a variable gets it: Values
variable: Using Variables
variable definition: Makefile Contents
variable references in recipes: Variables in Recipes
variables: Variables Simplify
variables, ‘$’ in name: Computed Names
variables, and implicit rule: Automatic Variables
variables, appending to: Appending
variables, automatic: Automatic Variables
variables, command line: Overriding
variables, command line, and recursion: Options/Recursion
variables, computed names: Computed Names
variables, conditional assignment: Conditional Assignment
variables, defining verbatim: Multi-Line
variables, environment: Variables/Recursion
variables, environment: Environment
variables, exporting: Variables/Recursion
variables, flavor of: Flavor Function
variables, flavors: Flavors
variables, how they get their values: Values
variables, how to reference: Reference
variables, immediate assignment: Immediate Assignment
variables, local: Let Function
variables, loops in expansion: Recursive Assignment
variables, modified reference: Substitution Refs
variables, multi-line: Multi-Line
variables, nested references: Computed Names
variables, origin of: Origin Function
variables, overriding: Override Directive
variables, overriding with arguments: Overriding
variables, pattern-specific: Pattern-specific
variables, recursively expanded: Flavors
variables, setting: Setting
variables, simply expanded: Simple Assignment
variables, spaces in values: Simple Assignment
variables, substituting suffix in: Substitution Refs
variables, substitution reference: Substitution Refs
variables, target-specific: Target-specific
variables, unexpanded value: Value Function
variables, warning for undefined: Options Summary
varying prerequisites: Static Pattern
verbatim variable definition: Multi-Line
vpath: Directory Search
VPATH, and implicit rules: Implicit/Search
VPATH, and link libraries: Libraries/Search

warnings, printing: Make Control Functions
weave: Catalogue of Rules
weave: Implicit Variables
Web, rule to run: Catalogue of Rules
what if: Instead of Execution
whitespace, avoiding on line split: Splitting Lines
whitespace, in variable values: Simple Assignment
whitespace, stripping: Text Functions
wildcard: Wildcards
wildcard pitfalls: Wildcard Pitfall
wildcard, function: File Name Functions
wildcard, in archive member: Archive Members
wildcard, in include: Include
wildcards and MS-DOS/MS-Windows backslashes: Wildcard Pitfall
Windows, choosing a shell in: Choosing the Shell
word, selecting a: Text Functions
words, extracting first: Text Functions
words, extracting last: Text Functions
words, filtering: Text Functions
words, filtering out: Text Functions
words, finding number: Text Functions
words, iterating over: Foreach Function
words, joining lists: File Name Functions
words, removing duplicates: Text Functions
words, selecting lists of: Text Functions
writing recipes: Recipes
writing rules: Rules
writing to a file: File Function

yacc: Catalogue of Rules
yacc: Implicit Variables
yacc: Canned Recipes
Yacc, rule to run: Catalogue of Rules

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