WordTreeOptional Class Reference

#include <WordTree.h>

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WordTreeOperand WordTree WordCursorOne WordCursor WordTreeAnd WordTreeNear

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 564 of file WordTree.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int AllOrNothing () const
virtual int AscendingFrequency ()
virtual int Bounds (const WordKey &bottom, const WordKey &top)
virtual void Clear ()
virtual void ClearInternal ()
int ClearRealm ()
virtual void ClearResult ()
virtual int ContextRestore (const String &buffer)
virtual int ContextRestoreList (StringList &list)
virtual int ContextSave (String &buffer) const
virtual int ContextSaveList (StringList &list) const
virtual int Count (unsigned int &count) const
String Get () const
virtual int Get (String &bufferout) const
int GetAction () const
WordKey GetDocument ()
const WordReferenceGetFound ()
String GetInfo ()
virtual WordResultsGetResults ()
const WordKeyGetSearch () const
WordKeyGetSearch ()
int GetStatus () const
ListGetTraces ()
virtual int IsA () const
virtual int IsAtEnd () const
virtual int IsNoMatch () const
virtual int Noccurrence (unsigned int &noccurrence) const
virtual int Optimize ()
int OptimizeOr (int proximity)
virtual int Prepare (WordTreeArg &arg)
int SearchCursorAnd (WordTree &cursor, WordKey &document, WordExclude &permutation)
int SearchCursorNear (WordTree &cursor, WordTree *&master, WordKey &constraint, int proximity)
int SearchCursorNot (WordTree &cursor, WordKey &document)
virtual int Seek (const WordKey &position)
virtual void SetInfo ()
virtual int SetRealm (const WordKey &realm)
virtual int SetResults (WordResults *nresults)
void SetTraces (List *traceRes_arg)
int SkipUselessSequentialWalking ()
virtual int StripNonExistent (unsigned int &stripped, unsigned int &killed_mandatory)
virtual int UndefinedRealm ()
virtual int UsePermutation () const
virtual int UseProximity () const
int Verbose (int verbosity)
virtual int Walk ()
virtual int WalkFinish ()
virtual int WalkInit ()
virtual int WalkNext ()
virtual int WalkNextExclude (const WordKey &key)
virtual int WalkNextStep ()
virtual int WalkRewind ()
 WordTreeOptional (WordList *words, const char *nscope)

Static Public Member Functions

static int TopLevelOptimize (WordTree *&expr)

Public Attributes

WordTree ** cursors
unsigned int cursors_length
int has_uniq
String info
WordKeySemantic key_semantic
WordPermute permutation
WordKey pos
int proximity
String scope
String search
int verbose

Protected Member Functions

int Initialize (WordList *nwords, const WordKey &nsearchKey, wordlist_walk_callback_t ncallback, Object *ncallback_data, int naction)

Protected Attributes

int action
wordlist_walk_callback_t callback
int cursor_get_flags
String data
WordReference found
String key
WordKey prefixKey
WordKey searchKey
int searchKeyIsSameAsPrefix
int status

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