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3 Gameplay

X interface (!!!!!!!!!!!Not Implemented !!!!!!!!!!)

The game window has four windows on top. The leftmost one is the attack button, which also keeps count of the amount of remaining attacks. Next to that are the defend and guerilla buttons. They are inversed whenever that action is impossible. The rightmost window is combined turn and cross amount indicator. It shows the amount of crosses left to place to the map, and the background color indicates whose turn it is.

With default mouse settings, left mouse button marks crosses at the map area to dark (unoccupied) cells of the current player, and dark other players' cells, which are adjacent to a bright (occupied) cells of the current player. Middle button changes the default action (marked by a bold border around the selected button) and right mouse button performs that action.

Closing the game window defeats automatically all the players associated with this connection.

Console interface

Actually the game is just coded on Console interface .

To navigate on a map you can use arrows.
To interrupt or save your game use '&'
To do an action use Space. (If non action you need to choose one .)
To end your turn use Return/Enter