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4 Rules

Motti is a game for two or more players. Each player has a capital and other areas. All areas are square. An area can be either occupied or unoccupied.

The gameplay is turn-based.

Each player does on a turn one of three things:

The player in turn marks six areas which to conquer. The areas have to be unconquered and either be on player's own area, or squarely adjacent a square, which is owned by the player in turn and is occupied. The game picks one area randomly, and it becomes occupied, and owned by the player in turn. The player can make six attacks per turn. If there are less than six areas marked for attack, an attack can fail.
The player in turn marks three unoccupied squares which are on an own territory and are unoccupied. These squares become occupied.
Guerilla Attack
The player marks one square. The square must be unoccupied, on the player's own territory or squarely or diagonally adjacent to a square, which is owned by the player in turn and is occupied. The selected square becomes occupied and owned by the player in turn.

If an area becomes encircled, so that there's no connection through the player's areas and other players' unoccupied areas to the player's capital, becomes the area unoccupied, and controlled by the encircling player/players.

If the capital of a player is conquered by another player, all the areas of the defeated player are considered to be encircled and are divided as if they were encircled.

When there are no such areas left, that can be conquered by other players, all areas become unoccupied again.

The game ends when there's only one player left.