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4.11.2 Authentication Server Parameters

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These parameters configure the SQL authentication. The general syntax is:

doauth bool

When set to yes, enables authentication via SQL. All auth_ keywords are ignored if doauth is set to no.

auth_db string

Specifies the name of the database containing authentication information.

auth_query string

Specifies the SQL query to be used to obtain user's password from the database. The query should return exactly one string value — the password.

group_query string

Specifies the query that retrieves the list of user groups the user belongs to. This query is used when Group or Group-Name attribute appears in the LHS of a user's or hint's profile.

auth_success_query string

This query is executed when an authentication succeeds. See section Controlling Authentication Probes, for the detailed discussion of its purpose.

auth_failure_query string

This query is executed upon an authentication failure. See section Controlling Authentication Probes, for the detailed discussion of its purpose.

Example of Authentication Server Parameters

Let's suppose the authentication information is kept in the tables passwd and groups.

The passwd table contains user passwords. A user is allowed to have different passwords for different services. The table structure is:

  user_name           varchar(32) binary default '' not null,
  service             char(16) default 'Framed-PPP' not null,
  password            char(64) 

Additionally, the table groups contains information about user groups a particular user belongs to. Its structure is:

  user_name           char(32) binary default '' not null,
  user_group          char(32) 

The queries used to retrieve the information from these tables will then look like:

auth_query  SELECT password
            FROM passwd
            WHERE user_name = '%C{User-Name}'
            AND service = '%C{Auth-Data}'

group_query SELECT user_group
            FROM groups
            WHERE user_name = '%C{User-Name}'

It is supposed, that the information about the particular service a user is wishing to obtain, will be kept in Auth-Data attribute in LHS of a user's profile.

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