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4.11.1 SQL Client Parameters

These parameters configure various aspects of connection between SQL client and the server.

interface iface-type

Specifies the SQL interface to use. Currently supported values for iface-type are mysql and postgres. Depending on this, the default communication port number is set: it is 3306 for interface mysql and 5432 for interface postgres. Use of this statement is only meaningful when the package was configured with both ‘--with-mysql’ and ‘--with-postgres’ option.

server string

Specifies the hostname or IP address of the SQL server.

port number

Sets the SQL communication port number. It can be omitted if your server uses the default port.

login string

Sets the SQL user login name.

password password

Sets the SQL user password.

keepopen bool

Specify whether radiusd should try to keep the connection open. When set to no (the default), radiusd will open new connection before the transaction and close it right after finishing it. We recommend setting keepopen to yes for heavily loaded servers, since opening the new connection can take a substantial amount of time and slow down the operation considerably.

idle_timeout number

Set idle timeout in seconds for an open SQL connection. The connection is closed if it remains inactive longer that this amount of time.

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