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10.3.2 Authentication with Scheme

The Scheme procedure used for authentication must be declared as follows:

Function Template: auth-function request-list check-list reply-list

Its arguments are:


The list of A/V pairs from the incoming request


The list of A/V pairs from the LHS of the profile entry that matched the request


The list of A/V pairs from the RHS of the profile entry that matched the request

The function return value determines whether the authentication will succeed. The function must return either a boolean value or a pair. The return of #t causes authentication to succeed. The return of #f causes it to fail.

For a function to add something to the reply A/V pairs, it should return a pair in the form

    (cons return-code list)

where return-code is a boolean value of the same meaning as described above. list is a list of A/V pairs to be added to the reply list. For example, the following function will always deny the authentication, returning an appropriate message to the user:

(define (decline-auth request-list check-list reply-list)
  (cons #f
         (cons "Reply-Message"
               "\r\nSorry, you are not
                allowed to log in\r\n"))))

As a more constructive example, let's consider a function that allows the authentication only if a user name is found in its internal database:

(define staff-data
   (list "scheme"
          (list (cons "NAS-IP-Address" ""))
          (list (cons "Framed-MTU" "8096")))
          (list (cons "Framed-MTU" "256"))))))
(define (auth req check reply)
  (let* ((username (assoc "User-Name" req))
         (reqlist (assoc username req))
         (reply-list '()))
    (if username
        (let ((user-data (assoc (cdr username) staff-data)))
          (rad-log L_INFO (format #f "~A" user-data))
          (if user-data
               (lambda (xx)
                  (lambda (pair)
                     ((avl-match? req (car pair))
                      (set! reply-list (avl-merge
                                        (cdr pair)))
                      (xx #t))))
                  (cdr user-data))

To trigger the invocation of the Scheme authentication function, assign its name to the Scheme-Procedure attribute in the RHS of a corresponding ‘raddb/users’ profile. For example:

        Scheme-Procedure = "auth"

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