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10.3.3 Accounting with Scheme

The Scheme accounting procedure must be declared as follows:

Function Template: acct-function-name request-list

Its argument is:


The list of A/V pairs from the incoming request

The function must return a boolean value. The accounting succeeds only if it has returned #t.

Here is an example of a Scheme accounting function. The function dumps the contents of the incoming request to a file:

(define radius-acct-file "/var/log/acct/radius")

(define (acct req)
  (call-with-output-file radius-acct-file
    (lambda (port)
      (for-each (lambda (pair)
                  (display (car pair) port)
                  (display "=" port)
                  (display (cdr pair) port)
                  (newline port))
      (newline port)))

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