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6.4 Encrypted Password Authentication Type

The Encrypted Password type allows to keep user's passwords encrypted via DES or MD5 algorithm. There are two ways of using this authentication type.

Specifying Passwords in users File.

user-name  Auth-Type = Crypt-Local,
                     User-Password = crypt-pass

The Crypt-Password is a shortcut for the above notation:

user-name  Crypt-Password = crypt-pass

Specifying Passwords in SQL Database.

user-name   Auth-Type = Crypt-Local,
                      Password-Location = SQL

Using this profile, the user's password is retrieved from the authentication database using auth_query. The configuration of SQL authentication is described in detail on Authentication Server Parameters.

The shortcut for this notation is Auth-Type = SQL.

In any case, the passwords used with this authentication type must be either DES or MD5 hashed.

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