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10.2.5 Login Verification Functions

A login verification function is invoked to process the output from the NAS. This process is described in Multiple Login Checking. The function to be invoked for given NAS is defined by a function flag in the ‘raddb/nastypes’ or ‘raddb/naslist’ file (see section NAS Types — ‘raddb/nastypes). It must be defined as follows:

Function Template: integer check (string str, string name, integer pid, string sid)

Its arguments are:


Input string. If the query method is finger, this is the string of output received from the NAS with trailing newline stripped off. If the query method is snmp, it is the received variable value converted to its string representation.


User name.


Port ID of the session.


Session ID.

The function should return non-0 if its arguments match the user's session, and 0 otherwise.

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