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4.2.7 PROPERTY statement


PROPERTY  name  flags
PROPERTY  name  +flags [-flags ...]


The PROPERTY statement redefines property flags for attribute name. The attribute must be defined, otherwise an error occurs. The PROPERTY statement has two forms. In first form, it takes a single argument, representing new property flags for the attribute. In its second form it takes any number of arguments, each of them preceeded by ‘+’ sign, inidicating addition of properties, or by ‘-’ sign, indicating removal of these.

See section ATTRIBUTE statement, for the discussion of attribute property flags.


The following example defines that the attribute User-Password may be used only on left-hand side of a ‘raddb/users’ entry, and that it is transmitted in encrypted form.

PROPERTY  User-Password [L-----]E

Next example illustrates adding and removing attribute properties:

PROPERTY  My-Attrib     +P -=

it adds propagation bit (‘P’) and removes ‘replace’ additivity from My-Attrib attribute.

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