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4.2 Dictionary of Attributes — ‘raddb/dictionary

The dictionary file ‘raddb/dictionary’ defines the symbolic names for radius attributes and their values (see section Attributes). The file consists of a series of statements, each statement occupies one line.

In the detailed discussion below we use the following meta-syntactic characters:


Denotes a decimal, octal or hexagesimal number. Usual C conventions are honored, i.e. if number starts with ‘0x’ or ‘0X’ it is read as a hex number, if it starts with ‘0’ it is read as an octal number, otherwise it is read as a decimal one.


Denotes an attribute type. These are valid attribute types:


A string type.


An integer type.


IP address in a dotted-quad form.


A date in the format: "MON DD CCYY", where MON is the usual three-character abbreviation, DD is day of month (1-31), CCYY is the year, including the century.

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