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10.3.4 Radius-Specific Functions

Scheme Function: avl-delete av-list attr

Delete from av-list the pairs with attribute attr.

Scheme Function: avl-merge dst src

Merge src into dst.

Scheme Function: avl-match? target list

Return #t if all pairs from list are present in target.

Scheme Function: rad-dict-name->attr name

Return a dictionary entry for the given attribute name or #f if no such name was found in the dictionary.

A dictionary entry is a list in the form

Scheme List: dict-entry name-string attr-number type-number vendor

where the arguments are as follows:


The attribute name


The attribute number


The attribute type


The vendor PEC, if the attribute is a vendor-specific one, or #f otherwise.

Scheme Function: rad-dict-value->name attr value

Returns the dictionary name of the given value for an integer-type attribute attr, which can be either an attribute number or its dictionary name.

Scheme Function: rad-dict-name->value attr value

Convert a symbolic attribute value name into its integer representation.

Scheme Function: rad-dict-pec->vendor pec

Convert a PEC to the vendor name.

Scheme Function: rad-log-open prio

Open Radius logging to the severity level prio.

Scheme Function: rad-log-close

Close a Radius logging channel opened by a previous call to rad-log-open.

Scheme Function: rad-rewrite-execute-string string

Interpret string as an invocation of a function in Rewrite language and execute it.

Return value: return of the corresponding Rewrite call, translated to the Scheme data type.

Scheme Function: rad-rewrite-execute arglist

Execute a Rewrite language function. (car arglist) is interpreted as a name of the Rewrite function to execute, and (cdr arglist) as a list of arguments to be passed to it.

Return value: return of the corresponding Rewrite call, translated to the Scheme data type.

Scheme Function: rad-openlog ident option facility

Scheme interface to the system openlog() call.

Scheme Function: rad-syslog prio text

Scheme interface to the system syslog() call.

Scheme Function: rad-closelog

Scheme interface to the system closelog() call.

Scheme Function: rad-utmp-putent status delay list radutmp_file radwtmp_file

Write the supplied data into the radutmp file. If radwtmp_file is not nil, the constructed entry is also appended to wtmp_file.

list is:

Scheme List: utmp-entry user-name orig-name port-id port-type session-id caller-id framed-ip nas-ip proto

The user name


The original user name from the request


The value of the NAS-Port-Id attribute


A number or character indicating the port type


The session ID


The value of the Calling-Station-Id attribute from the request


The framed IP assigned to the user




A number or character indicating the type of the connection

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