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Radius Glossary

Throughout this document the following terms are used:

RADIUS (small capitals)

The Remote Authentication Dial In User Service protocol as described in RFC 2138, 2865, and 2866.


A network access server, that is, a computer or a special device designed to provide access to the network. For example, it can be a computer connected to the network and equipped with several modems. Such a NAS will allow a user connecting to one of its modems to access the network.


A service, such as PPP, SLIP, or telnet, provided to a user by the NAS.


Each instance of a service. Sessions start when the service is first provided and close when the service is ended. A user may be allowed to have multiple sessions active simultaneously.

Session ID

The session identifier: a string of characters uniquely identifying the session.

A/V pair

Attribute-value pair: see Attributes.

Dial-in or dial-up user

A user connecting to a service through the modem line.

User database

A database where a RADIUS server keeps information about users, their authentication information, etc.

User's profile

A record in the user database describing a particular user for purposes of authentication and authorization, i.e., how the user should be authenticated as well as which services he is allowed to be provided and parameters of these services.

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