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8. Logging

GNU Radius reports every event worth mentioning. The events are segregated by their severity level. Radius discerns the following levels (in order of increasing severity):


The debug messages (Debugging).


Under this level every authentication attempt is logged. This is enabled by setting

level auth;

in the category auth statement of the ‘config’ file.


Messages regarding proxy requests (see section Proxying).


Informational messages.


Normal, but significant conditions.


Warning conditions. These mean some deviations from normal work.


Error conditions. Usually these require special attention.


Critical conditions due to which Radius is no longer able to continue working. These require urgent actions from the site administrator.

By default, all messages in all levels are output to the file ‘radlog/radius.log’. In addition, messages in level CRIT are also duplicated to the system console. These defaults can be overridden using logging statement in the ‘raddb/config’ file. (See section logging statement, for the description of logging statement syntax; see section Naming Conventions for information about the locations of different Radius configuration files.)

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