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The core API of Serveez is able to register server types dynamically at runtime. It uses the dynamic linker capabilities of the underlying operating system to load shared libraries (or DLLs on Win32). This has been successfully tested on Windows and GNU/Linux. Other systems are supported but yet untested. Please tell us if you notice misbehaviour of any sort.

Function: void svz_dynload_path_set (svz_array_t *paths)

Set the additional search paths for the serveez library. The given array of strings gets svz_freed.

Function: svz_array_t * svz_dynload_path_get (void)

Create an array of strings containing each an additional search path. The loadpath is hold in the environment variable ‘SERVEEZ_LOAD_PATH’ which can be set from outside the library or modified using svz_dynload_path_set. The returned array needs to be destroyed after usage.