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The following set of functions are used to manage the list of known server types in the Serveez core library. Serveez itself uses some of these functions to register its builtin server types.

Function: int svz_foreach_servertype (svz_servertype_do_t *func, void *closure)

Call func for each servertype, passing additionally the second arg closure. If func returns a negative value, return immediately with that value (breaking out of the loop), otherwise, return 0.

Function: void svz_servertype_add (svz_servertype_t *server)

Add the server type server to the currently registered servers.

Function: svz_servertype_t * svz_servertype_get (char *name, int dynamic)

Find a servertype definition by its short name. If dynamic is set to non-zero, try to load a shared library that provides that servertype. Return NULL if no server with the given variable prefix name has been found.

Function: svz_servertype_t * svz_servertype_find (svz_server_t *server)

Find a given server instances server server type. Return NULL if there is no such server type (which should never occur since a server is a child of a server type).