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2.1.15 shar Warnings

No attempt is made to restore the protection and modification dates for directories, even if this is done by default for files. Thus, if a directory is given to shar, the protection and modification dates of corresponding unpacked directory may not match those of the original.

If a directory is passed to shar, it may be scanned more than once, to conserve memory. Therefore, do not change the directory contents while shar is running.

Be careful that the output file(s) are not included in the inputs or shar may loop until the disk fills up. Be particularly careful when a directory is passed to shar that the output files are not in that directory or a subdirectory of it.

Use of the compression and encoding options will slow the archive process, perhaps considerably.

Use of the --query-user produces shars which will cause problems with many unshar procedures. Use this feature only for archives to be passed among agreeable parties. Certainly, query-user is NOT for shell archives which are to be distributed across the net. The use of compression in net shars will cause you to be flamed off the earth. Not using the --no-timestamp or --force-prefix options may also get you occasional complaints. Put these options into your ~/.sharrc file.