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2.1 Invoking shar

If no files are specified, the list of input files is read from a standard input. Standard input must not be a terminal. shar creates "shell archives" (or shar files) which are in text format and can be emailed. These files may be unpacked later by executing them with /bin/sh. The resulting archive is sent to standard out unless the -o option is given. A wide range of features provide extensive flexibility in manufacturing shars and in specifying shar "smartness". Archives may be fairly simple (--vanilla-operation) or essentially a mailable tar archive.

Options may be specified in any order until a file argument is recognized. If the --intermix-type option has been specified, more compression and encoding options will be recognized between the file arguments.

Though this program supports uuencode-d files, they are deprecated. If you are emailing files, please consider mime-encoded files. If you do uuencode, base 64 is the preferred encoding method.

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