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2.1.6 xmit-defenses options

Protecting against transmission issues:.

no-character-count option.

This is the “do not use `wc -c' to check size” option. Do NOT check each file with 'wc -c' after unpack. The default is to check.

no-md5-digest option (-D).

This is the “do not use md5sum digest to verify” option. Do not use md5sum digest to verify the unpacked files. The default is to check.

force-prefix option (-F).

This is the “apply the prefix character on every line” option. Forces the prefix character to be prepended to every line, even if not required. This option may slightly increase the size of the archive, especially if --uuencode or a compression option is used.

here-delimiter option (-d).

This is the “use delim to delimit the files” option. This option takes an argument string DELIM. Use DELIM to delimit the files in the shar instead of SHAR_EOF. This is for those who want to personalize their shar files. The delimiter will always be prefixed and suffixed with underscores.