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2.6 Populating tutorials and datasets

Tutorials and dataset are stored in a separate git repository

$ git clone git://git.sv.gnu.org/sqltutor/datasets.git

Because ‘configure’ script is not included in the repository, you have to create it first

$ ./autogen

Then run

$ ./configure
$ make install

and that’s all. Datasets and tutorial can be reinstalled as many times as needed.

To enable postgis extension, you must create geometry type in your database (sqltutor in the following example)

$ su
# su postgres
$ psql -d sqltutor -f /usr/share/postgresql/9.6/contrib/postgis-2.3/postgis.sql
$ psql -d sqltutor -f /usr/share/postgresql/9.6/contrib/postgis-2.3/spatial_ref_sys.sql

and explicitly enable postgis tutorials

$ ./configure --enable-postgis
$ make install

PostGIS geometry type must be created by a superuser, because normal users do not have permissions to create C procedures in a database.

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