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srchilite::PreFormatter Class Reference

Preformats text to be generated. More...

#include <preformatter.h>

Inheritance diagram for srchilite::PreFormatter:

Public Member Functions

 PreFormatter (PreFormatterPtr f=PreFormatterPtr())
void setPreFormatter (PreFormatterPtr f)
 Sets the nested preformatter. More...
const std::string preformat (const std::string &text)
 Preformats the passed string (public version) More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual const std::string doPreformat (const std::string &text)
 Preformats the passed string (protected version). More...

Private Attributes

PreFormatterPtr decorator
 the possible nested preformatter (Decorator pattern)

Detailed Description

Preformats text to be generated.

This implements the Decorator pattern, thus yielding a chain of preformatters

Lorenzo Bettini

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

srchilite::PreFormatter::PreFormatter ( PreFormatterPtr  f = PreFormatterPtr())
fthe nested decorated preformatter

Member Function Documentation

const string srchilite::PreFormatter::doPreformat ( const std::string &  text)

Preformats the passed string (protected version).

The subclasses must redefine this method to perform the preformatting. The default implementation does not perform any preformatting.

textthe string to be preformatted
the preformatted string

Reimplemented in srchilite::CharTranslator, and srchilite::Untabifier.

const string srchilite::PreFormatter::preformat ( const std::string &  text)

Preformats the passed string (public version)

textthe string to be preformatted
the preformatted string
void srchilite::PreFormatter::setPreFormatter ( PreFormatterPtr  f)

Sets the nested preformatter.

fthe nested (decorated) preformatter

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