E.2 Page Headings

Most printed manuals contain headings along the top of every page except the title and copyright pages. Some manuals also contain footings. Headings and footings have no meaning in Info or the other output formats.

Texinfo provides two standard heading formats, one for manuals printed on one side of each sheet of paper, and the other for manuals printed on both sides of the paper. By default, nothing is specified for the footing of a Texinfo file, so the footing remains blank.

Texinfo also has several heading and footing commands that you can use to generate your own heading and footing formats.

In Texinfo, headings and footings are single lines at the tops and bottoms of pages; you cannot create multiline headings or footings. Each header or footer line is divided into three parts: a left part, a middle part, and a right part. Any part, or a whole line, may be left blank. Text for the left part of a header or footer line is set flushleft; text for the middle part is centered; and, text for the right part is set flushright.