E.2.1 The @headings Command

The @headings command is rarely used. It specifies what kinds of page headings and footings to print on each page. Usually, this is controlled by the @setchapternewpage command. You need the @headings command only if the @setchapternewpage command does not do what you want.

You can use @headings as follows:

@headings off

Turn off printing of page headings.

@headings single

Turn on page headings appropriate for single-sided printing.

@headings double

Turn on page headings appropriate for double-sided printing.

@headings singleafter
@headings doubleafter

Turn on single or double headings, respectively, after the current page is output.

@headings on

Turn on page headings: single if ‘@setchapternewpage on’, double otherwise.

For example, suppose you write @setchapternewpage off before the @titlepage command to start a new chapter on the same page as the end of the last chapter. This command also causes page headers to be typeset for single-sided printing. To cause page headers to be typeset for double-sided printing, write @headings double.

You can stop any page headings at all from being generated by writing @headings off on a line of its own, like this:

@headings off