3.9.6 Referring to Other Info Files

You can create a menu entry that enables a reader in Info to go to a node in another Info file by writing the file name in parentheses just before the node name. Some examples:

* first-entry-name:(filename)nodename.     description
* (filename)second-node::                  description
@end menu

For example, to refer directly to the ‘Outlining’ and ‘Rebinding’ nodes in the Emacs Manual, you could write a menu like this:

* Outlining: (emacs)Outline Mode. The major mode for
                                   editing outlines.
* (emacs)Rebinding::              How to redefine the
                                   meaning of a key.
@end menu

If you do not list the node name, but only name the file, then Info presumes that you are referring to the ‘Top’ node. Examples:

* Info: (info).         Documentation browsing system.
* (emacs)::             The extensible, self-documenting
                         text editor.

The GNU Emacs Texinfo mode menu updating commands only work with nodes within the current buffer, so you cannot use them to create menus that refer to other files. You must write such menus by hand. See Updating Nodes and Menus.