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2.9 The ‘Top’ Node and Master Menu

The ‘Top’ node is the node in which a reader enters an Info manual. As such, it should contain a very brief description of the manual (including the version number). The contents of the ‘Top’ node do not appear in printed output.

It is conventional to write a @top sectioning command line containing the title of the document immediately after the @node Top line (see The @top Sectioning Command). This command helps makeinfo determine the relationships between nodes.

We repeat the short description from the beginning of the ‘@copying’ text, but there’s no need to repeat the copyright information, so we don’t use ‘@insertcopying’ here.

The ‘Top’ node contains a top-level menu listing the chapters, and possibly a detailed menu listing all the nodes in the entire document.

@node Top
@top Short Sample

This is a short sample Texinfo file.

* First Chapter::    The first chapter is the
                       only chapter in this sample.
* Index::            Complete index.
@end menu