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6.1.5 The @top Sectioning Command

The @top command is a special sectioning command that you should only use after an ‘@node Top’ line at the beginning of a Texinfo file. The @top command tells the makeinfo formatter which node is to be used as the root of the node tree (needed if your manual uses implicit node pointers).

It produces the same sort of output as @unnumbered (see @unnumbered @appendix).

The @top node is conventionally wrapped in an @ifnottex conditional so that it will not appear in TeX output (see Conditionals). Thus, in practice, a Top node usually looks like this:

@node Top
@top your-manual-title

@end ifnottex

@top is ignored when raising or lowering sections. That is, it is never lowered and nothing can be raised to it (see Raise/lower sections).