3.5 The @top Sectioning Command

The @top command is a special sectioning command that you should only use after a ‘@node Top’ line at the beginning of a Texinfo file.

It produces the same sort of output as @unnumbered (see @unnumbered, @appendix: Chapters with Other Labeling). In LaTeX \part* is used.

@top is ignored when raising or lowering sections. That is, it is never lowered and nothing can be raised to it (see Raise/lower Sections: @raisesections and @lowersections).

It used to be conventional to wrap the ‘Top’ node in an @ifnottex conditional so that it would not appear in printed output (see Conditionally Visible Text). Thus, a Top node often looked like this:

@node Top
@top your-manual-title

@end ifnottex

This is no longer necessary, as the ‘Top’ node is now never output for printed output. The ‘Top’ node is not output for DocBook either.