4.1 Tree Structure of Sections

A Texinfo file is usually structured like a book with chapters, sections, subsections, and the like. This structure can be visualized as a tree (or rather as an upside-down tree) with the root at the top and the levels corresponding to chapters, sections, subsection, and subsubsections.

Here is a diagram that shows a Texinfo file with three chapters, each with two sections.

       |                  |                  |
    Chapter 1          Chapter 2          Chapter 3
       |                  |                  |
    --------           --------           --------
   |        |         |        |         |        |
Section  Section   Section  Section   Section  Section
  1.1      1.2       2.1      2.2       3.1      3.2

In a Texinfo file that has this structure, the beginning of Chapter 2 would be written like this:

@node    Chapter 2
@chapter Chapter 2

For purposes of example, here is how it would be written with explicit node pointers:

@node    Chapter 2,  Chapter 3, Chapter 1, Top
@chapter Chapter 2

The chapter structuring commands are described in the sections that follow; the @node command is described in the previous chapter (see Nodes).