2.8.3 @titlefont, @center, and @sp

You can also use the @titlefont, @sp, and @center commands to create a title page for a printed document.

Use the @titlefont command to select a large font suitable for the title itself. You can use @titlefont more than once if you have an especially long title.

For HTML output, each @titlefont command produces an <h1> heading, but the HTML document <title> is not affected. For that, you could put a @settitle command before the @titlefont command (see @settitle: Set the Document Title).

For example:


Use the @center command at the beginning of a line to center the remaining text on that line. Thus,

@center @titlefont{Texinfo}

centers the title, which in this example is “Texinfo” printed in the title font.

Use the @sp command to insert vertical space. For example:

@sp 2

This inserts two blank lines on the printed page. (See @sp n: Insert Blank Lines, for more information about the @sp command.)

A template for this method looks like this:

@sp 10
@center @titlefont{name-of-manual-when-printed}
@sp 2
@center subtitle-if-any
@sp 2
@center author
@end titlepage

The spacing of the example fits an 8.5 by 11 inch manual.