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3.1 Adopting for a Specific Team

To adjust the makefile for your team, you need to edit the next variables.


Set this to the language code, like bg or pt-br. It is autodetected if not defined.


The relative or absolute path to the working copy of the master ‘www’ repository. So if you have checked out your project’s Sources repository at ~/projects/www-lang and the ‘www’ Web repository at ~/projects/www, the value of wwwdir should be ../www/ or /home/user/projects/www/. Note the slash at the end, it is important.


These variables are used to transform the path to a file in the team’s working copy into a URL for this file; they are only needed for automatic email notifications. It is expected that typically the URL will point to some sort of Web interface for the repository, for example,

TEAM_URL_PREFIX :=*checkout*/www-bg/
TEAM_URL_POSTFIX := ?root=www-bg

If two variants of one language share the same project and repository (such as zh-cn and zh-tw), they should maintain two directories with two GNUmakefiles and each directory having its own tree.

Some variables are specified on the command line, and alter the behavior of the build process.


The program to manage differences to “previous” msgids added to “fuzzy” translations when merging PO files. When undefined, the makefile tries to find gnun-add-fuzzy-diff and assigns the result to this variable. See The gnun-add-fuzzy-diff Script, for more information.

Define to empty string to disable the feature.


Default period of reminders sent by the notify target.


Make the notify target actually send notifications.


Do not send email notifications about errors. This is the default.


Print more information from cvs, svn and msgmerge; off by default. Note that VERBOSE can be defined to any string, it will have the same effect.


Update both ‘www’ and ‘www-lang’ repositories, then commit the merged PO files in the latter repository. By default, there is no VCS interaction. The VCS of the translation project repository is determined automatically; currently only CVS, Subversion, GNU Bzr, Git, Mercurial (Hg) and GNU Arch repositories are supported.

Caution: The makefile rule will commit all local changes, not only those that resulted from running msgmerge. Thus, it is better to use a separate working copy dedicated solely for this purpose.

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