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2.7 Building Sitemap

Sitemaps differ from regular pages in two respects:

  1. They are typically regenerated automatically from the texts of the articles.
  2. They mostly consist of links, therefore a significant part of their text should come to translations without any changes.

Also, sitemaps contain many translated messages, so it is desirable to eliminate manual work where possible.

In order to take this into account, GNUN provides the sitemap variable in All articles listed in sitemap are rebuilt using an additional compendium (when present), server/gnun/compendia/sitemap-compendium.lang.po.

Those additional compendia are supposed to be compiled outside of GNUN by the same tool that generates the sitemap. It is the responsibility of that tool to provide the compendia with reasonable translations whose msgids match those generated by PO4A when processing the English version of the sitemap.