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2 General Usage

If anything may go wrong, it will definitely go wrong. —Murphy’s Law

Murphy is an optimist. —O’Reilly’s Law

GNUN currently consists of a few makefiles, scripts and template files. They are designed to reside in the server/gnun directory, but this may change. In all examples in this manual, “invoking” means executing on the command line make -C server/gnun [target] [variable=value …] while the working directory is the root in the ‘www’ web repository. For the purpose of brevity, we will refer to the above command as simply make, which is equivalent to cd server/gnun; make. It is desirable never to invoke make with the -k (--keep-going) option, because an eventual error in only one make recipe might create a mess in many articles, both original and translated. Do this with caution, and generally only when debugging in a safe environment.

The build process is intended to be invoked by a cron job, although manual intervention is possible to a certain degree.