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2.5 The languages.txt File

The file server/gnun/languages.txt is used when generating lists of translations; those lists are subsequently included in all translations of the article. Every line in the file is either a comment (when it begins with “#”) or a definition for a language. A language is defined by three TAB-separated fields. The first field defines the language suffix; it is used in file names and in texts of the links. The second field is the name of the language in English. The third field defines the name of the language in that language itself; it is used in texts of the links, and it should be in UTF-8. For example:

de	German	Deutsch

The generated list of translations may look like this:

<!-- begin translist file -->
<div id="translations">
<span class="original"><a href="/distros/screenshot.en.html">English</a>&nbsp;[en]</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;
<span><a href="/distros/">Deutsch</a>&nbsp;[de]</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;
<span><a href="/distros/">polski</a>&nbsp;[pl]</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;
</div> <!-- id="translations" -->
<!-- end translist file -->