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2.3.3 The report Target

This target exists solely for convenience to translators, enabling them to check which articles are not 100% translated and have to be updated. The way to check this is by running make report TEAM=lang, where lang is the language code, as usual. Thus, to check all French translations, one would run

make report TEAM=fr

This target checks only the PO files; the old translations that haven’t been converted to PO files are reported, but there is no reasonable way to check if they are up-to-date. In fact, this is one of the main reasons GNUN is being developed, if you recall.

When present, defines four classes of articles by priority: priority-articles for the most important translations, important-articles for the second priority level, important-directories for the directories with important articles; all other translations are reported as less important.

There is also a script, gnun-report, to generate HTML reports. See The gnun-report Script. provides another report target, which produces a more detailed report. See report in