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6.2.7 The gnun-report Script

This script generates HTML reports about translations of a given team. The HTML contains a set of tables sorted by priority and translation status (existing translations that need maintenance, untranslated files, complete translations).

The script depends on the presence of the file in the server/gnun sub-directory of the working copy of ‘www’ repository.

The results are written to standard output. Example:

gnun-report --root=../www -t bg > report-bg.html

Specify the language code of the team, for example, ‘ml’.


Specify the top directory of the working copy; the default is the current directory.


Specify the language name, for example, ‘Malayalam’. When this option is missing, gnun-report tries to figure out the language name based on the language code provided with the “-t” option.


Display copyright and version information and exit.


Display usage information and exit.

A cron job commits updated reports for all active teams to GNUN project web repository, typically twice an hour. The links to those reports are provided on the GNUN Reports.

There is also a target in GNUmakefile to generate text reports intended for monthly messages sent to the teams. See The report Target.