Rules, Sins, Virtues, Gods and more of The Church of EMACS according to The Gospel of Prophet Antony

Hierarchy of the Church

  1. GODS — Creates Free ideas, software and hardware from emptiness and likes to be flattered through prayers.
  2. DEMIGODS — Capable of proving that NP problems and P problems are the same (NP=P), writes free software for to prove it and tries to alleviate the bullying nature of GODS by distributing the ideas of GODS freely. They still insist on flattering GODS through prayers and defends the bullying of GODS.
  3. SAINTS — Writes Free software using Free software tools.
  4. SEMI SAINTS — Use lots of Free software and believes in the church of EMACS but signed NDAs or agreed to proprietary software licenses.
  5. PROPHETS — selected by ALMIGHTY (One of the GODS) to reveal his thoughts about humanity.
  6. LAITY — does not care about NDAs or proprietary software licenses but runs after BUZZWORDS to show that he is capable of grasping BUZZWORDS.
  7. Sinners — Insist on using devil's software, believing that it is of superior quality.
  8. Devils — Creating NDAs and proprietory software licenses to entangle humanity in their net

Examples of Devils

Evil Empire: Microsoft

Lucifer: Bill Gates

Evil Countries: SUN, HP, ORACLE, etc.

Other major Devil leaders: Scott Mcnalley, Larry Ellison, etc.


Please take some time to think about yourself. You can repent and confess at any time by visiting our CONFESSION CENTER which is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Rules for repentance (This is the only important principle of THE CHURCH OF EMACS):

  1. $10 for each invocation of a proprietory licensed software.
  2. $1000 for each NDA you signed.
  3. $10000 for each NDA you participated in creating.
  4. $10000000 for each NDA you wrote.
  5. $100 for each proprietary software license you agreed to.
  6. $1000 for each proprietary software license you participated in creating.
  7. $10000 for each proprietary software license you are responsible for writing.
  8. All your sins will be forgiven if you develop a major new Free software package.

Warning: Taking THE CHURCH OF EMACS seriously is hazardous to your health; especially MENTAL HEALTH.