Contacting the GNU Project

We strive to put the answers to all possible questions you might have on our web site. However, sometimes, you might have a question or issue that isn't covered. This page describes how to contact us in these circumstances.

Please keep in mind, though, that time spent answering individual queries reduces the time available to work on writing, documenting, protecting and promoting free software. So, please look to see if your question is addressed on our web site first. If you can't find the answer, use the information below to figure out what to do.

If (and only if) you still have questions about the GNU Project or the FSF after exploring these resources, you can write to <>. But don't expect an answer overnight!

Technical support
(technical information about GNU software or other free software, search for a particular free program, etc.)

Please note that we do not provide technical support ourselves.

However, help is at hand:

Comments on the GNU website
(suggestions, dead links, typos, etc.)

Software development and maintenance

Ideas for the GNU task list
See our page on how to help GNU.
Maintenance of GNU software and evaluation of prospective GNU programs
First check these documents: If questions remain, email <>.
Savannah hosting
To ask questions about Savannah, our hosting platform, available for both GNU and non-GNU free software projects, please see the Savannah contact page.


Accounts on GNU/FSF machines
If you are actively maintaining or working on a GNU project, and need an account on a GNU or FSF machine, see machine access information.
Personal GNU email aliases
If you have an email forward from the domain, and need it updated, contact <>.

Security reports
for or one of its subdomains

  • If you have GnuPG setup, send encrypted email the FSF Executive Director, Deputy Director, Web Developer, and Senior Sysadmins listed on our Staff and Board page.
  • If you don't have GnuPG setup, write to <>.

Licensing questions

Licensing violations
If you want to report a free software license violation that you have found, please read our license violation page, and then contact <>.
Free software licensing and copyright
Please check

If questions remain, email <>.

The FSF Licensing and Compliance Lab also offers paid consulting on free software licensing issues.

Copyright assignments to the FSF
To assign your copyright on a GNU program to the FSF, contact <>.