Hack For Freedom

Sung to the tune of Manowar's Fight for Freedom.

There's a sound heard across the AI lab
It's heard across the world
You'll only hear it if you share your software
And one day hope to be free

To hear the sound of freedom many gave their nights
They hacked for you and me
Those memories will always live in silence
And now it's our time to free Unix


Where the hackers play — I will soon be there
If you want to — come along with me my friend
Share the software and you'll be free
From the Hurd to Emacs
We'll hack for freedom again

Scream out loud for all the world to hear
From MIT to the Savannah
Let freedom ring and every hacker be king
To live on GNU through the years

[Repeat chorus]

Now's the time we all must stand together
So raise your keyboard show them we are strong
Side by side the hacking goes on forever
Marching to the battle with our code

[Repeat chorus to fade]