The Physics Store!

with a bit of help from a few friends…

Frictionless Surfaces only $4.95 per square meter!
Inextensible Massless Rope only $1.99 per meter!
Point Masses only $1.39 per kilogram!
Massless, Zero-Volume Paint

Perfect for labeling those pesky electrons so you can keep them straight!

*** SOLD OUT ***
Frictionless Pulleys only $2.00 ea.
Massless Pulleys only $4.49 ea.
Frictionless, Massless Pulleys regularly $10.00, now only $7.49!
Ideal Springs $.75 and up
Ideal Gas monatomic $5.00 per liter *
diatomic $7.50 per liter *
triatomic $10.00 per liter *
* plus deposit on container. All gases delivered at STP.
Magnetic Monopoles

Great Party Jokes!
Thousands of Possibilities!
Annoy that theoretician in your family!

$1.25 ea.
Perfect Voltmeter only $99.99
Perfect Ammeter only $159.99
Special Sale: Buy Ammeter, get Voltmeter for half price!
700 W Perfect Refrigerator only $899.99
Zero-Resistance Wire
Various gauges available, inquire as to price and/or availability

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