Smileys :-)

From: Jeff Johnson

Those of you in the SF Bay Area may have noticed that Herb Caen has
discovered the little smileys that computer-people use in e-mail, and
has been both using them in his column and collecting interesting ones.
 Some ones I hadn't seen before (mixed with a few I made up):

:-D	very happy

:-{	very sad	

:-I	vexed

8-0	incredulous

B-)	Gary Larson glasses

S:-}	Dudley Do-right

[:-)	M.C. Hammer

7:-)	Reagan

/:=	Hitler

%:*D	Bozo

O:-)	Jesus

}:-)	The Devil

And, if you turn them over:

(-:P	Beaver Cleaver

(-:]P	Spike Lee

(-:?	Elvis	

(-:C	Viking

(-:K	My Favorite Martian

(-:E	King Hussein

(-:B	Felix the Cat


You can find some extra smileys here, contributed by Benjamin Vander Jagt. (They have also been added to the text version.)

Other humor in the GNU Humor Collection.


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