Smileys :-)

From: Jeff Johnson
Subject: :-)
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 91 17:42:17 PDT

Those of you in the SF Bay Area may have noticed that Herb Caen has discovered the little smileys that computer-people use in e-mail, and has been both using them in his column and collecting interesting ones.

Some ones I hadn't seen before (mixed with a few I made up):
:-Dvery happy
:-{very sad
B-)Gary Larson glasses
S:-}Dudley Do-right
[:-)M.C. Hammer
}:-)The Devil
And, if you turn them over:
(-:PBeaver Cleaver
(-:]PSpike Lee
(-:KMy Favorite Martian
(-:EKing Hussein
(-:BFelix the Cat
And here's some more from Benjamin Vander Jagt, using extended ascii:
:-Þraspberry 1
:-þraspberry 2
ô_ôsomewhat surprised
^_^of course, there's this cute "happy"
ñ_ñbut then there's this much cuter "happy"
ß-)on some character sets, this looks like a face wearing goggles
ø_øStoner McNullset
ù_úUpset but holding it in
ú_ùMeditating, kissing, or various others
ç_çOld person
¦-õYawn with eyes closed, holding a hand in front of his mouth; thanks Pchan

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