Free Software Dealers

 [Gnu and Tux as messengers of free software in the
           desolate land of proprietary software] 

In this very nice painting, Gnu and Tux are depicted as warriors. Gnu leans on his ax, and carries a shield adorned with the copyleft logo. Tux carries a sword. From the top of a steep hill, they look at the fire-devastated area around them. Three ominous birds are flying in the smoke-darkened sky.

Free Software Dealers is a tribute to Frank Frazetta and his famous Death Dealer. In Frazetta's painting, the warrior is a sort of messenger of Death on the battlefront. I kept the idea of the messenger; however, in my painting Tux and Gnu are messengers of Free Software (not death) on the digital front. -- Péhä

Free Software Dealers game card

 [Fantasy game card based on the Free Software Dealers] 

This card was inspired by Magic the Gathering, a two-player game which dates back to 1993 and now includes thousands of cards by various artists. It is unofficial and belongs to the “legendaries” type, with the following explanations (in gothic script): “When the Free Software Dealers enter the battle field, their users gain 4 freedom markers and the spells from proprietary softare have no effect on them.”

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Original image:  Copyright 2017 Péhä <>

English and French cards:  Copyright 2021 Péhä

German card:  Copyright 2021 Péhä and Tunda

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