Historic GNU press items

While many of these historic GNU press items are still available, others are not. For a complete up-to-date list of the items available from the Free Software Foundation, please see the FSF's online store.

 [20th anniversary mug] 
20th anniversary mug

 [Poster featuring a blue GNU head] 
Poster featuring a blue GNU head

 [Gnu breaking window] 
Gnu Breaking Window print

 [GNU and Tux] 
Dynamic Duo print

 [Two guys in maroon t-shirts] 
Two guys in maroon t-shirts

 [T-shirt, front] 
“Free Software Free Society” t-shirt (natural), front

 [White t-shirt, front] 
“Free Software Free Society” t-shirt (white), front

 [T-shirt text, zoomed] 
T-shirt text, zoomed

 ['Happy hacking' t-shirt, back] 
“Happy hacking” t-shirt, back

 ['Happy hacking' t-shirt, back image] 
“Happy hacking” t-shirt, back image

 ['Happy hacking' t-shirt, front] 
“Happy hacking” t-shirt, front

 ['Happy hacking' t-shirt, front image] 
“Happy hacking” t-shirt, front image

 [Baseball cap inscribed with 'GNU'] 
Baseball cap inscribed with “GNU”

 [Items with GNU logo] 
Items with GNU logo

 [GPLv2 preamble] 
GPLv2 preamble

 [GNU's 20th anniversary t-shirt, front] 
GNU's 20th anniversary t-shirt, front

 [Leather keyring with GNU logo] 
Leather keyring with GNU logo

 [Metallic keyring with GNU logo] 
Metallic keyring with GNU logo

 [Pin with GNU logo] 
Pin with GNU logo

 [Black GPLv3 t-shirt, back] 
Black GPLv3 t-shirt, back

 [Black GPLv3 t-shirt, front] 
Black GPLv3 t-shirt, front

 [Black GPLv3 t-hoodie, front] 
Black GPLv3 t-hoodie, front

 [Poster with GPLv2 preamble, full size] 
Poster with GPLv2 preamble, full size

 [Poster with GPLv2 preamble, smaller image] 
Poster with GPLv2 preamble, smaller image

If you have any other historical GNU press items, I would love to see them. Please send high-resolution images, or if you no longer want them and would be happy to donate them to the FSF, please send us an email at <sales@fsf.org>.