Abstract GNU Art

 [Abstract art of the GNU] 

A first for the Free Software Foundation, we now have abstract art of our mascot courtesy of Kursad Karatas. He provides an explanation of this work -

I just wanted to express “wisdom”, the wisdom of knowledge, wisdom of love, wisdom of fertility, wisdom of humanity, wisdom of brotherhood. This is what we need and what I feel modern society currently lacks. There are a lot of great artists who have created great works for GNU (as shown on the art page), and I wanted to express an alternative reality, or alternative understanding of GNU.

I wanted to make a piece for GNU because I believe that information is universal, that no one person can own it. The sharing of information is a direct result of language, and language belongs to all of us. Not to one person, not to one corporation, not to one state, not to one colony, but to all of mankind. As you see the GNU holds his fingers in the sign for victory, because I know that one day information and thought will be free and we all will be victorious.

The cherries and apple symbolizes wisdom, the beard symbolizes a special kind of wisdom that comes from a journey of knowledge and beauty that no other person can take, and the GNU's eyes express a profound dedication. The blue background is simply freedom as in “birds”.

This may not be the greatest work since I just focused on being honest while creating it. I tried to show and define the mind set of someone who seeks freedom of self and thought, and tries to be harmonious with the world. Well, that is what I tried, that does not necessarily mean I have achieved it. It is up to viewers to decide for themselves. :)

Copyright © 2004 Kursad Karatas

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