GNU-Head Tiling wallpapers

These wallpapers were made in Gimp from 7 copies of the Bold GNU Head, rotated clockwise about 15 degrees and organized in two staggered rows over a lavander background. The heads on both ends of the first row are cut off so the whole image can be repeated to cover a larger area. Kacper explains how he obtained the embossed versions:

It was quite simple, really, I chose the layer with the GNU heads and applied a filter called “emboss”. You can find it using the toolbar by going: Filters > Distorts > Emboss. At first when you choose it, you can see that it gets rid of any color the embossed layer has. You can change that by using a different emboss type called “Bumpmap”. That should preserve the colors. Once the change has been done, the wallpaper is unfortunately not ready yet. The cut-off heads on the sides will have to be replaced with heads that weren't cut off before embossing so the wallpaper looks right.

 [Flat GNU-head tiling] 

Flat tiling (510x330)

PNG 675kB,  XCF 167kB

 [Embossed GNU-head tiling] 

Embossed tiling

Filter type: Bumpmap
Settings: Azimuth = 30, Depth = 1, Elevation = 35

PNG 682kB,  XCF 216kB

 [Subtly embossed GNU-head tiling] 

Subtly embossed tiling

Filter type: Bumpmap
Settings: Azimuth = 30, Depth = 1, Elevation = 100

PNG 681kB,  XCF 206kB

Copyright © 2020 Kacper Wilgus

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