FSF's Position regarding SCO's attacks on Free Software

Much press coverage has been given in the last months to SCO's press and legal attacks on Free Software and the GNU/Linux system. Even though these attacks have narrowed from a focus on the whole GNU/Linux system to the kernel named Linux specifically, FSF, particularly through our General Counsel Eben Moglen, remains deeply involved in strategic planning for the community's responses to SCO.

Professor Moglen has been coordinating with IBM's lawyers on the matter, including both their inside and outside counsel. He has coordinated with OSDL, who employ Linus Torvalds, the original author and a key copyright holder of the kernel named Linux. Professor Moglen continues diplomatic efforts throughout the Free Software and Open Source Movements, and throughout the technology industry, to bring together a broad, coordinated coalition to oppose SCO, both legally and in the media.

On this site, we will publish documents related to our work opposing SCO.