Submission guidelines for pages in /proprietary

When writing (or reviewing) an item that should be posted in a file in the /proprietary section, please respect the following guidelines:

  1. Read the article in its entirety.
  2. Be clear and concise.
  3. Try to focus on the key point of the article, and how it relates to the category it belongs.
  4. Talk about facts, not opinions, sentiments nor speculations.
  5. Talk about programs, not services nor devices. However, when a nonfree program depends on service(s) or device(s) to run, mention it.
  6. Don't quote the article sentences, but reformulate it to make our point visible.
  7. Emphasize the fact that the injustice is a consequence of the program being nonfree (so users don't control it and can't modify it). For example: first, describe the malicious functionality, then, highlight the user's inability to bypass it.
  8. When an entry belongs to multiple categories you can write a slightly changed version for each category —if needed— so that it highlights the aspect that relates to that particular category.
  9. Try to word the text in a way that respects the core values of free software (such as using certain expressions with care), and clarify any serious misconceptions spread by the article.
  10. Ask the GNU webmasters <> (or via our discuss mailing list) if there are any doubts.